2 years

eCommerce Website and Systems

Shopify, SAP, Custom


Inheriting a v1 site, the firesqueak team quickly went to work automating the site to integrate with a CMS and building out features in support of Allbirds' roadmap. A completely rethought product page, a new flexibly extensible global navigation and new product launches, the Firesqueak team delivered on time with high quality.

A more interactive product page

Attention to details was highlighted by completely revamping the product page to support thumbnails, zoom, video and mobile.

Laptop with the Allbirds online shop

Key Features

  • Powerful and nimble content management

  • New product, new ways to explore them

  • A whole new navigation to find what users need

All new interactive product page New ways to explore the products News navigation for the allbirds online store


Among the many product launches, the smallbirds launch was unique in that it included a free book and additional functionality and design modules not previously seen on the site before.

Laptop showing a product page of Smallbirds
User administrating a large dashboard

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